Artists from Myanmar suffered heavy losses during the covid-19 pandemic. In the midst of all of this, they struggled to prevent the spread of the virus with government restrictions, as they were trying their best to create their artworks. Unfortunately, another military coup happened on February 1st. Which led most of Myanmar’s famous artists to join forces with civilians to oppose the military dictatorship. The artists have shared their work with Turning Tables Myanmar in the midst of a coup d'état and covid-19 crisis. 


Doh Ayay

Jason Slip

Yangon, Myanmar

Jason Slip is the founder of the successful and popular LITT ENT record label on the Yangon Hip Hop Scene today, producing young and innovative creative music videos. His only aim is to make Myanmar songs, music videos and music art to gain international recognition. Even during the Pandemic there were many difficulties but LITT ENT seeks to create opportunities for young singers to create world-class music, Jason Slip has named the terrorist dictator the most hated enemy of his life after he encountered a coup d'état. With his videography skills, he created a revolutionary music video called "Doh Ayay" that revolutionized the dictatorship. In his music video, he featured the oppression of the people including video footage of human rights violations by the coup d'état. Rap lyrics of young singers from LITT ENT which strongly opposed to the military dictatorship are translated into three different subtitles; Korea, Japan and English.  

In this video, he explains his experiences during the making of Doh Ayay music video as well as how he took an active part in street protests in Yangon.

One day

Kyaw Kyaw

Unknown, Myanmar

Kyaw Kyaw is the lead singer of The Rebel Riots Band, one of the rare punk music bands in Myanmar. In addition to creating punk music with his strong musical convictions, he is also active in the Food Not Bombs movement, which supports the low income families. In addition to the difficulties encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic, Kyaw Kyaw suffered many physical and mental losses as well during the current military coup. He decided to overthrow the military dictator, who was more feared than the covid-19 virus.  During the uprising, he produced songs such as "One Day, Pots and Pans" with his skilful music. This video records the songs he created and how he rebelled against the military dictator during the days of the coup, despite the covid 19 restrictions.

Hear the Noice

Kyaw Zin

Yangon, Myanmar

Noise In Yangon, a band featuring Kyaw Zin and other talented friends, has been a pioneer in Myanmar's experimental music scene. Their members are fulfilling their dreams of believing to push the music genre boundaries by masterfully playing a variety of musical instruments, mix those instrumental sounds to produce a song. They spent their time creating their favorite music during the epidemic, strictly adhering to the Covid 19 epidemic rules issued by the People's Government, which they voted for last year. In the aftermath of the Feb. 1 military coup, their members' desire for equal freedom, humanitarianism, reluctance to bow to injustice motivated them and actively participated in anti-military protests. Along with Kyaw Zin, Noise in Yangon band members Seng Li, who plays the synthesizer, and violinist Sammy and Pinky Htut Aung, a female vocalist, drummer and violinist made the noise louder due to the hatred of dictatorship inside their hearts. This video shows the protest experiences of Noise In Yangon Members, their point of views on Spring Revolution together with Noise In Yangon's Experimental Music Live Performance.


Darko & Emily

Unknown, Myanmar
Darko is the lead singer of Side Effect Band which is one of the first generation bands of Myanmar indie rock scene and an experimental musician, and performance artist. Emily presented the Fuckmadaw's Experimental Music Performing Art at 8pm; the time of the whole country banging the pots and pans as a national anthem against the military dictatorship according to the eastern tradition of casting out evil demons. In this video, you can see the current situation in Myanmar while enjoying Performing Art by Darko and Emily.


This Spring 

Moe Lay

Unknown, Myanmar
Moe Lay was also a photojournalist and political activist who had long opposed the military dictatorship with his non-bias political views while earning a living as a tattoo artist. Currently, he has left Myanmar to avoid the unjust orders of the military dictator. These photo were taken during the protests before he left Myanmar to let the international community know the truth about the situation in Myanmar after the military coup.