Jordan has since 2011 experienced a massive refugee influx, especially from Syria. Unemployment rates are rising, the school system is overexploited, the country's resources are running dry and freedom of speech is being threatened by social control. But luckily, creativity and willpower live on. These pieces are a product of artists who dare to challenge social norms.

Labash, El Burj, Athgal Dam

Yusra Nazek

Amman, Jordan

Yusra Nazek aka Yumna Ghandour is a half Palestinian, half Lebanese director and photographer based in Amman, Jordan. Yumna worked on many projects with different artists from the region.

Specifically, Yumna directed, shot and edited these 3 videos for Lil Asaf during quarantine with no budget. He rented cameras and used props from his and his friends houses.


Basal Hasan

Amman, Jordan

Basel Hasan is a Palestinian artist based in Amman, Jordan. His work explores the relation of objects and spaces, through visual representations of landscapes, architecture, modern cultural artifacts, and the mundanity of everyday life.
"I worked on this project during the quarantine in Amman and I used pictures that I took before Covid-19 in Cairo with pictures in Amman. My creative work is primarily visual and digital, mostly superimposing images of urban cityscapes and objects pertaining to life in these cities, onto depictions of intimacy or natural landscapes. I depict the isolation and everyday ugliness of the modern urban cityscape built on subjugation and unjust power hierarchies, whether through its never-ending concrete infrastructure or the objects it forces its citizens to take up. This is contrasted with the overlaying of the more raw and peaceful images of nature outside the city, or the warmth and intimacy"

Sultan's Remedy, Highway, Upside Down, Lost Embrace

Musaab Alamiri

Unknown, Jordan

Alamiris description of his work

1. Sultan’s Remedy: Political incentives pursing Sultan’s camouflage to fitch a herb to cure his suspicions.

2. Highway: Transference stage one passes through when moving from a place to another one.

3. Upside Down: Traces Beirut port explosion on Tuesday, August 4, nicknamed Beirutishima.

4. Lost Embrace: Eager need for an unavailable mother hug who no more exists.

1, 2

Omar Shahen

Unknown, Jordan

"The nature around my house took my attention while I took these three photographs back in the spring of 2020 in Na'ur during the full lockdown."

Poster no. 791, Poster no. 803, Poster no. 808

Hey Porter

Amman, Jordan

Experimental posters series 

Poster no. 791 - It's all in your heads

Poster no. 803 - Every sunset is an opportunity to reset

Poster no. 808 - Becarful! may become hot,

ambients, AVB 1111, passive aggressive


Ramallah, Palestina

Dakn is a multi genre producer, sound designer, film score composer, MC & DJ based in Ramallah, Palestine. His productions revolve around heavy bass elements and focus on ambient sounds depending on the production. While he was pursuing his sound engineering degree, he focused on film score and post production for film, and started looking more into the emotions that could be captured into the picture when the right elements were used.