Covid-19 has not only brought crisis and frustration but creativity and independence. More than 60 children and young people from social housing areas have proved that to be true by taking part in Turning Tables’ digital project ‘creative lockdown’ in collaboration with Bikubenfonden and Tuborgfondet. Creative Lockdown gave the youth an opportunity to produce their own music or work with cameras while getting online lessons from qualified Turning Tables instructors. 


The pieces are made by young people in the age of 8-22 years. They give the viewer a personal, authentic and unique insight into their everyday lives during lockdown. They have gone through a difficult period of time in more or less full isolation from their friends, school and leisure activities and that’s what they are trying to express through the pieces.


Emil, 15 y.o, Erdem, 14 y.o., Khadijah, 8 y.o., Roxana, 9 y.o. & Rayan, 9 y.o., Gabriella, 11 y.o., Idris, 16 y.o. & Khalid, 15 y.o. 

Brøndby Strand, Høje Gladsaxe & Nørager Parken i Sønderborg, Denmark

These photos are taken with disposable cameras by nine children, living in seven different social housing areas around Denmark. The exhibition is based off the life of being young during covid-19, and it touches various different themes such as love, friendship, isolation, uncertainty, sadness and loneliness.  


Emil, 14 y.o.

 Brøndby Strand, Denmark

Emil was 14 years old and attending a people's boarding school when Denmark went into lockdown. In his days of isolation, he participated in Turning Tables’ 6 weeks digital project ‘creative lockdown’ where his main focus was isolation, loneliness and renewel. The piece, Time is broken, is inspired by Emils aquarium and feelings of being trapped and isolated indefinitely. It’s a visual presentation that zooms in on the life of a 14 year old in a pandemic. 


Asmaa, 10 y.o., Elmedina, 11 y.o., Hamza, 17 y.o., Khalid, 8 y.o., Nur, 12 y.o., Sakariya, 10 y.o. & Samira, 10 y.o.

Tingbjerg, Denmark

Turning Tables Denmark spent six weeks in Tingbjerg in their mobile containerstudio where they held creative workshops with over 50 local children and young people. Facilitating the workshops was a challenge due to the corona pandemic, but with the support from local collaborators and the openness and curiosity from the local residents, it ended up becoming a success. The openness from the local children and youth is what defines the exhibition, which you can experience here.

The exhibition shows how the projects photography team - children and youth aged 8-16 years - caught a glimpse of various and surprising moments: From the birds and horses at the local youth club “Terasserne” to up-close portrait photos that the children shot of each other in the forests around Utterslev Mose or the open areas between Tingbjerg and Høje Gladsaxe.

The pictures give the viewer a unique insight on the different types of people and their stories, backgrounds and cultures, which all have one thing in common - they are all from Tingbjerg. 

“I am so proud of the exhibition - very proud of our exhibition - the pictures are beautiful, and we’ve all spent a lot of time choosing and editing the pictures.” Samira, 10 y.o. (Tingbjerg 2020).


Samira is one of the children behind the photo exhibition “Behind The Facade - Stories From Tingbjerg”, and we too can definitely see why she and the other young artists are proud of the exhibition!



Houssein, 19 y.o., Idris, 16 y.o., Khalid, 15 y.o. & Momen, 20 y.o.

Høje Gladsaxe, Denmark

This is exactly what the youth from Høje Gladsaxe are doing right now. They are following their hearts, and they are daring to dream. This has resulted in their joint clothing brand Águila (Spanish for “Eagle”), which they have started from scratch. 


As Shabaz, 19, tells us: “We want to tell our own story through Águila, tell our own ideas, visions and ambitions. We’re always told by others what we should do, which direction we should choose, and who our role models should be. Through Águila we get to tell everyone who we are and which directions we ourselves have chosen to follow.”


During the summer of 2020 Turning Tables established a photo-film project with 15-20 young people from Høje Gladsaxe. It turned into six weeks of film and photography workshops, where youth aged from 13-20 years produced films, photo series and photographic postcards.

Lastly, we would like to thank 



Roskilde Festival Fonden

3 Denmark 

Tingbjerg Forum

Bolig i Social Balance - Sønderborg

Vores HG

Brøndby Boligselskab

Boligselskabet Sjælland