UNLOCK is an art exhibition that has come to life amid a unique collaboration between ambitious students at Roskilde Festival Folk Highschool and the international NGO Turning Tables. Turning Tables is a non-profit organisation that works to empower socially, economically and politically marginalized youth in different global contexts, by providing them with the means to express their hopes, dreams and challenges, through the arts of music and film production. 


The name UNLOCK expresses the idea that our art exhibition aims to UNLOCK the solidarity that we believe all humans carry within. A solidarity that can unite us and highlight that we - the entire human race - are one, and that we need to lay focus on places in the world that lack freedom of expression and basic human rights. Furthermore, we aim to amplify the importance of using creative media as a way to UNLOCK dreams and make room for opinions that otherwise are suppressed or even dangerous to express. In this way, we from a privileged standpoint, can use our tools to facilitate the voices of those who lack basic freedom or merely feel unheard, so that they can express themselves freely. Thereby UNLOCK reiterates the importance of taking action to help those in need through the universal language of art.


Turning Tables is rooted in empowering youth, by youth, for youth in order to amplify their voices on issues that concern them. This youth to youth idea is central to UNLOCK, as the art is created by young people, kurated and exhibited at Roskilde Festival Folk Highschool, in order to hopefully target the general youth. The talented young artists behind UNLOCK are from Denmark, Myanmar and Jordan. Although we don’t speak the same language, we communicate through art, and in that way understand one another. Despite the seeming differences between these countries, all the art has been created during COVID-19 lockdown by young artists who, in one way or the other, feel they lack means of creative and personal expression. This is what we hope to accommodate for, hence our slogan for UNLOCK is: 

Solidarity and Creative Action Under Lockdown

The premiere of UNLOCK falls on the 5th of June; the very day where Danes celebrate their democratic rights. We hope this will create an atmosphere of gratitude for our privileges, as a democratic nation, and thereby provoke a striving for change and mending for those who are currently fighting for theirs. This first exhibition is only the beginning, as we will travel across Denmark with UNLOCK in hopes to encourage a wider audience to join our journey.